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Patch: Montco Shelter Must Raise $50K So Homeless Can Socially Distance

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PA — Montgomery County homeless shelters do not provide individuals enough space to practice safe social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak, authorities said, and they're hoping to raise money to find an alternative.

As cold and rainy conditions sweep across the region and coronavirus cases continue to rise in Pennsylvaia, Your Way Home shelter is in need of the public's help.

Montgomery County Commissioner Ken Lawrence said last week that a goal sum of $50,000 was needed to safely house the homeless in alternative housing like hotels or other shelters.

"The virus is producing a burden that is being felt physically, emotionally, and economically on the individuals and families we work persistently to help," Your Way Home said in a statement. "As we continue to advise people to isolate in their homes, we must remember that there are vulnerable people in our community without a stable place to call home."

An emergency fund has been launched here so that the necessary aid and shelter can be provided safely.

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